Northern Spirits Ltd

About our Company

Northern Spirits Ltd. (NSL) had embarked in 2012 on a journey as Northern Spirits Pvt. Ltd to make a mark in the liquor business.

Northern Spirits Ltd. (NSL) had embarked in 2012 on a journey to focus on Alcohol Beverages - growing over 35% YOY on the strength of our 45 years’ experience in this dynamic industry.

Distribution of Alcohol Beverage in India is a very specialised field unlike a normal trading business and that is why there are not more than 15-20 serious players in India.

NSL is the only distribution with a presence in North India along with East and North East India.

The Promoters of Northern Spirits have a commendable experience of more than 45 years in a highly competitive industry and Our Teams which are entrenched into the system handling route to markets an various states since 2012.

Northern Spirits Ltd

Our History

Unity Traders was formed in 1975 by our father, Mr. Kulbir Bakshi from Amritsar in Punjab and spreading to Mumbai in West India.

Built on instinct and an entrepreneurial mindset, Anuj Bakshi and Ankush Bakshi started East India Operations in the year 1999 under the name of United Wines with Kolkata as the base to cater to one of the most difficult market in India – Bengal.

Maintaining an average growth rate of 25% YOY, United Wines was established as a very important player in Bengal and some long lasting business relations were formed which inspired us to start the operations of Northern Spirits limited.

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