Our Brands

Northern Spirits Limited's unique portfolio of Premium international brands is one of most comprehensive of the wine and spirits industry, addressing all moments of consumption and convivialité. 

Northern Spirits Limited has a unique portfolio of premium brands encompassing every major category of wine and spirits. As one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the market, it provides the Group with a unique competitive advantage. Constantly evolving thanks to a dynamic management policy driven by brand acquisitions or disposals, Northern Spirits Limited’s portfolio allows it to always be in line with new trends while investing in the most promising segments and brands.


Our heart lies in our two hundred and forty acre vineyard, nestled in the region of Akluj. Our vineyards tie together the love and lore which bind Fratelli, an integral part of the soul of our wines. Love, passion and a shared vision bring us together as one - the Fratelli family. Dedicated to excellence and faithful to philosophy, our wines are the embodiment of our journey and the stories that make it.

Our Sub-Brands